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24/7 Emergency Service

Home, Car and Office Locksmith Services

Offering emergency locksmith services to help keep you safe when a lock or key fails to do so
 Providing residential locksmith services for your home locks, keys, and residential electronic system
On call to help when something goes wrong with your car’s locks, keys, ignition system, or electronic security system
To help keep your business running smoothly, we offer locksmith services for your buildings locks, keys, and electronic security system
Emergency Locksmith in Denver

About Star-Keys Locksmith

As the proud owner of Star-Keys Locksmith, Tiffany Starkey can lay claim to being both the first female locksmith in Denver and the owner of a top locksmith company, serving the people of Denver. Tiffany holds the distinction of being a lifelong resident in Colorado, something that ensures she has her finger on the pulse of what the Denver community needs from a locksmith.

24/7 Emergency Service

Whenever You’re Locked Out, Call Us and We’ll Get You In, Fast

24/7 Emergency Service

24/7 Mobile Locksmith in Denver
24 Hour Locksmith Services in Denver

Emergency Locksmith Services

There is no denying that an emergency indicates you are in a difficult place and need help right away. That’s exactly why our Star-Keys Locksmith technicians stand ready as a 24 hour locksmith that is ready to respond to your call immediately.

To be clear, we tend to treat all of our customer call as emergencies. However, when you tell us it’s an emergency, we want to react as quickly as possible with one of our mobile locksmith units. We do this to ensure you aren’t unduly inconvenienced or left in a precarious situation.

24/7 Emergency Service

Residential Locksmith Services

We understand how important it is that you feel safe in your home. When something goes wrong with a home lock or key, it’s likely to leave you feeling unsafe. We can help you get that warm feeling back by offering the following residential mobile locksmith services:

  • Rekey door and window locks after a burglary or when keys are lost
  • Repaid and replace residential locks
  • Repair electronic security systems
  • Key duplication services
  • Lockout service for times when keys are lost or locked in the house

24/7 Emergency Service

Residential Locksmith Services in Denver
Car Locksmith Services in Denver

Automotive Locksmith Services

Access to your car ensures you can get where you are going when you need to be there. If something goes wrong with a car lock, key, or ignition system, you are going to need a car locksmith you can rely upon. Here are some of our car locksmith serves:

  • Lockout service for when keys break, get lost or get locked in the car or trunk
  • Rekey car and trunk locks
  • Repair and replace car and trunk locks
  • Replace and program fob devices (replace batteries as well)
  • Repair and replace ignition systems
  • Repair electronic security system

24/7 Emergency Service

Commercial Locksmith Services

If there are delays in you and your employees entering the workplace or an office, money, and customers could be lost. You need a top commercial locksmith in Denver. To help you keep your business open and running, we offer the following commercial locksmith services:

  • Rekey locks after burglary or employee termination
  • Lockout service – office and entrance
  • Repair and replace locks
  • Key duplication services
  • Master lock system installation

24/7 Emergency Service

Commercial Locksmith Services in Denver
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